Noisey premieres video for Red Red Rose




Director Zack Spiger says of the video:



“I heard Jack’s song for the first time in a vacant lot facing some railroad tracks in Jackson, Mississippi. We were sitting around a fire drinking bourbon, and he just played it. I don’t know if he wrote it right there on the spot, but it was so spontaneous and yet so perfectly fitting to the mood that I’ll never forget it. It was one of those pure moments. I’ve never heard it him play it since.

The song is really about appearances. Red Red Rose tells the story of a man who seems to have it all, but yet who inside is exploding. Maybe he has some fatal flaw, some incurable disease, or has committed some irreversible act. Whatever it is, it is too much for him to bear, and so he takes his own life. I always had this image in my mind of a patriarchal Southern gentleman: a successful businessman, family man, and philanthropist. And then there is his other side.

I wanted the video to feel like a waking dream and to take place is some not so distant other world. I am always trying to do that, but here it was especially fitting. We see the character looking in on his life from the outside. We see only his shadow or reflection. And then we see him cross to the other side.

We went to Savannah, Georgia where Jack had a friend who, in a way, had the keys to the all the backdoors of the city. We looked at all sorts of Civil war era homes, mansions, historical landmarks, cemeteries, etc. And then started to whittle away and eliminate what we felt were clichés. We shot at a couple different locations in and around Savannah over 3 days. We used our friend’s old Russian 35mm camera that was so loud that if sounded like a dryer full of shoes. Everyone was real startled the first time we rolled film it. I think that was the last time the camera ever ran, right afterwards it just seized up.”

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